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[Mod][BalkonsWeapon] Ajout de recette.

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private void addModItems()

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		// Recipes
		// uses 1 item cookie and 7 block sponge in the pattern to make 1 diamond.
		GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(Items.diamond), 
			"y y", 
			'y', Blocks.sponge, 
			'x', Items.cookie 
		//uses 4 iron in a the pattern to make 2 gold.(The same shape of a crafting bench put it must be in the top left corner of the grid)
		GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(Items.gold_ingot, 2), 
			"xx ", 
			"xx ", 
			"   ", 
			'x', Items.iron_ingot 
		//uses 8 black wool(1 being the count, 15 being the damage which makes it black) 1 gold block to make 1 diamond block 
		GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(Blocks.diamond_block), 
			'y', new ItemStack(Blocks.wool, 1, 15), 
			'x', Blocks.gold_block
		GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(Items.diamond), Items.gold_ingot, Items.gold_ingot, Items.gold_ingot, Items.gold_ingot);//uses 4 gold bars placed anywhere in the crafting table to get 1 diamond(have to be placed separately not stacked on top of each other)
		GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(Items.diamond, 2), Items.gold_ingot, Items.gold_ingot, Items.gold_ingot, Items.gold_ingot, Items.diamond);// uses 4 gold and 1 diamond to give you 2 diamonds.
		GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(Blocks.wool, 1 ,5), Blocks.wool, Items.stick);// uses 1 wool of any color and 1 stick to give you 1 lime wool. (1 being the count, 5 being the metadata making the wool lime colored).

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